This mission is far shorter and simpler than the opposite missions within the Halo four marketing campaign. You’ll be able to simply end it in underneath 20 minutes with few or no deaths. You’ll solely encounter covenant enemies in “Daybreak”, so you need to at all times use the loadout of a headshot weapon (both a magnum, battle rifle, or carbine) and a plasma pistol. This loadout will help you immediately kill the entire enemies, no matter what problem you’re taking part in on.

You start this mission inside a stasis chamber having simply been awoken by Cortana. After you retrieve her from the council, you’ll draw your solely weapon, a 224 ammo assault rifle. Instantly stroll to the left wall, the place you will discover a 16 ammo magnum that you need to decide as much as accompany your assault rifle. Observe the waypoints that Cortana locations for you, and two crates will ultimately knock you right into a low strain elevator shaft (after Requiem scans you). Climb the shaft by urgent up on the joystick. As quickly as Grasp Chief seems to both facet, transfer the joystick in that path to leap. By repeating this course of, you’ll attain the highest of the elevator shaft, the place an elite with an power sword will ambush you. Press the precise bumper to kill him.

Now, the mission has absolutely begun. Seize extra magnum 30-30 Winchester ammo for sale from the magnum within the left nook of the room you’re in. Within the room forward of you, there 7 grunts and an elite main on the statement deck controls. Stroll up behind the elite whereas he’s targeted on the pc and press the precise bumper if you find yourself immediately behind him to assassinate him. Instantly dash again into the room you have been beforehand in for canopy and watch for the grunts to return to you. Use your magnum to kill the grunts with headshots, and use the doorway as cowl in case your shields fall low. As a result of the magnum is a headshot weapon, it may well kill any unshielded enemy (reminiscent of these grunts) with a single headshot, no matter what problem or cranium mixture you’re taking part in on. Upon getting killed the entire grunts, swap your assault rifle for certainly one of their plasma pistols and take away the blast shields on the statement deck controls.

Return again into the room you got here from and wait for 2 Phantoms to deploy 7 grunts and a couple of elite majors in the principle room forward of you. Don’t stroll out to assault the infantry, as an alternative, watch for them to return to you so that you could keep in cowl behind the doorway. Kill the elites one by one by eradicating their protect with an overcharged plasma pistol after which killing them with a magnum headshot. While you overcharge the plasma pistol by holding down the set off, it fires a homing plasma ball that immediately removes any enemy’s shields. As soon as the elites haven’t any shields, you need to use your headshot weapon to complete them off with a single headshot. Kill any grunts with magnum headshots. So long as you stay affected person and keep behind the doorway, you’ll be able to kill these enemies safely. Swap your plasma pistol for a contemporary one on the finish of the battle.

Proceed via the elevator into the following part, the place you’ll come to a room with 2 grunts and an elite. Use the doorway as cowl to kill the grunts, then the elite with the identical ways described above. Make sure to kill the grunts first so that you could focus your whole consideration on the elite whenever you have interaction him. Transfer into the following room and as soon as once more use the doorway as cowl to kill the three grunts and elite. As you head down the steps into an extended hall, you will notice 4 grunts and an elite main on the different finish of the hallway. Take cowl behind the wall to the precise and decide off the grunts together with your magnum, utilizing the 2x scope for accuracy. As soon as solely the elite stays, rush him whereas charging your plasma pistol and stun him as quickly as you obtain a lock on. Then kill him with a headshot and proceed downstairs into the following space.

To your left, there’s a weapons crate with assault rifles and magnums from which you need to restock your magnum. As you stroll into the following room, use one of many storage crates as cowl from the four grunts and elite main in entrance of you. Kill the 2 grunts to the precise, then the elite, after which the grunts to the left if attainable. At round this time, two jackals ought to enter the room through two doorways. Jackals take cowl behind a hand-held power protect, so you’ll need to trigger them to decrease this protect earlier than you’ll be able to kill them with a headshot. Shoot them as soon as within the hand together with your magnum to trigger them to decrease their protect, and they’ll momentarily expose their head. In case you are fast sufficient, you’ll be able to then end them with a headshot whereas they’re flinching. Proceed out of the doorways and to the precise.

The hallway you’re in empties into a big round room with a smaller round room within the heart. The middle room incorporates four grunts, whereas four extra grunts and two jackals wait outdoors within the bigger room. Use one of many doorways into the smaller room as cowl to kill the grunts inside, after which transfer in fastidiously. Wait in right here for the remaining grunts and jackals to enter and decide them off as they stroll via the doorways. As quickly as you kill the final of the sunshine infantry, three elite majors will transfer in from behind the middle room, the middle one wielding a concussion rifle. It’s best to kill these elites one by one in order that their allies can’t present them with overlaying fireplace. Choose one of many elites, ideally one with a storm rifle, that’s farthest from the opposite two. Discover a strong piece of canopy and conceal behind it to cost up your plasma pistol. Rapidly step to the facet of the quilt, stun the elite you chose, kill him with a headshot, and return to cowl earlier than the opposite two elites can return fireplace. Make sure to kill the concussion rifle elite final as a result of he’s essentially the most harmful. Leap round and maintain your distance kind this elite to keep away from his concussion rifle pictures and kill him with a plasma pistol and magnum mixture as nicely.

Exit via the airlocks onto the outside of the ship, the place you will discover a battle rifle floating in entrance of you. Swap your magnum for this battle rifle. The battle rifle is a headshot weapon that’s extra correct than the magnum and fires Three-shot bursts. Hug the wall to your left and stroll alongside the platform you’re on till you come to a pile of wreckage. On the opposite facet of the wreckage, transfer behind the cement column on the left wall for canopy. From right here, kill the two jackal rangers and a couple of jackal ranger snipers in entrance of you, then look all the way down to the enemies beneath and to the precise of the platform you’re on.

Right here, you need to see 6 grunt rangers, 2 jackal rangers, and a couple of elite rangers. Decide of as lots of the grunts and jackals with headshots from atop the ledge. When it is advisable take cowl, merely again up and the altitude of the ledge will defend you. As soon as solely the elite rangers stay, stroll down the ramp and kill them one by one with an overcharge plasma pistol and battle rifle headshot. Make sure to seize a contemporary plasma pistol after which transfer up the ramp to the missile controls. On the second ramp, there are two jackal rangers and an elite ranger. Kill the jackals from a distance, then transfer as much as end the elite. On the prime of the ramp, you will discover another jackal ranger sniper defending the missile controls. Kill the sniper with a headshot, swap your battle rifle for his carbine, and launch the Hyperion missile.

Sadly, the missile can’t efficiently launch, so you’ll need to activate it manually. Wait within the room with the launch controls whereas two Phantoms deploy 5 grunt rangers, 5 jackal rangers, and a couple of elite rangers across the missile. Don’t go away the security of the launch room till the Phantoms go away. As soon as they’ve flown away, transfer down onto the decrease degree and discover a good piece of canopy distant from the enemies, ideally out of their vary. Decide off as lots of the mild infantry as attainable earlier than you progress as much as kill the elite rangers and another infantry you missed. Upon getting secured the world, manually launch the Hyperion missile.

The Hyperion missile efficiently destroys the cruiser, however the Forerunner planet Requiem will now start to tug you in with a gravity nicely. Observe the waypoints that Cortana units for you with the intention to discover an escape pod. Though the ship is deteriorating, you’ll be able to take so long as you need to attain the waypoints and you’ll stay completely protected. By the point you attain the escape pods, they may have simply damaged off because of the gravity nicely, so that you as an alternative should fall from orbit with out safety. Fortunately, you’ll survive the influence, concluding the mission “Daybreak”.

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